When it comes to taking photography that is worthwhile and newsworthy there are a bunch of things that you need to know and be good at before you can even be considered by reputable publications and online outlets. The truth of the matter is that you first need to know all of the fundamentals of how a camera functions and how you can manipulate the images you take through the settings and different modes you camera offers. This can take awhile but if you study up enough it should make a dramatic difference in the style and quality of your pictures.

Of course we are considering the facts that most of the readers on this page already know the fundamentals of photography but are trying to take their skills to the ‘next level’, and we know that this is something that can seem rather daunting or challenging, but the truth of the matter is that this can at some points be a lot easier done than said.

So let’s say that you are a master at knowing everything there is to know about cameras and how to take good pictures, well that’s wonderful, but you’ll never make any money with your skills or knowledge if you don’t put yourself and your camera in front of interesting people and places and moments. Being able to sense out a moment for a still photograph is something that takes time, and it is also something that takes a lot of patience and know-how in order to feel out the sensation of a good picture.

So part of what it means to take your photography to the ‘next level’ is to literally get out there and keep your camera on you more often than not and just put yourself in good situations to take good pictures, and what you’ll find out is that you can take really good pictures just about every single day if you just start looking at the world a little bit differently and creatively and notice that the world really is your canvass.

So really if you want to get to that ‘next level’ it can sometimes be more mental than technical.

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